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cyclo drive

Product Use

The cycloid gear reducer is a novel transmission mechanism with the principle of K-H-V less tooth difference planetary transmission and the meshing of cycloid needle and tooth. It is widely used in textile printing and dyeing, light industry food, metallurgical miners, petrochemical, lifting transportation and engineering machinery and other fields.

Product features

1.High speed ratio and high efficiency
2.The single stage transmission can achieve the reduction ratio of 1:87 and the efficiency is above%90. If multistage transmission is adopted, the deceleration ratio will be greater.

Noise:All key components are finished by precisely machining , accurate assembly and finally tested .

3.Compact structure, small volume
Because of the principle of planetary transmission, the input shaft and the output shaft are on the same axis, so the structure is compact and the volume is small.
4.Low running noise and low noise
The mechanism of cycloidal needle tooth engagement is large, the overlap coefficient is large, and the mechanism is stable.

5.Reliable use, long life
Because the main parts are bearing steel, after quenching treatment (HRC58-62) to obtain high strength, and the part of transmission contact with rolling friction, so long durable life,
6.Reasonable design, convenient maintenance, easy decomposition and installation, minimum number of parts and simple lubrication, make cycloidal pinwheel reducer trusted by users.

Varitron Torque Limiter with Speed Variator Equipped Cyclo Drive

Varitron Speed Variator Equipped Cyclo Drive delivers the features today’s industry needs. High reduction ratios, without sacrificing efficiency. Compact designs, without requiring special motors. Exceptional shock load capacity, without having to oversize. The gearbox is deisgn with greater overhung load capacities, without using expensive special components. A precision backlash option, without resorting to special gearing. All of this, while requiring minimal maintenance.e.

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1. How to choose a cyclo drive which meets our requirement? You can refer to our catalogue to choose the cyclo drive or we can help to choose when you provide the technical information of required output torque, output speed and motor parameter etc. 2. What information shall we give before placing a purchase order? a) Type of the cyclo drive, ratio, input and output type, input flange, mounting position, and motor informationetc. b) Housing color. c) Purchase quantity. d) Other special requirements.

3. What industries are your cyclo drive being used? Our cyclo drive are widely used in the areas of textile, food processing, beverage, chemical industry, escalator,automatic storage equipment, metallurgy, tabacco, environmental protection, logistics and etc.



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